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Welcome to the Dunstall Honda Blog.  I will be updating with my 1971 CB750 Dunstall build as well as everything Dunstall Honda.

The Build, Part 6 (Spring 2016)

The Dunstall Honda got some suspension and brake upgrades this Spring.  A new Dresda replica box-section swingarm was added along with some NOS Magura Power Levers, drilled and skimmed disks front and rear, a new MCP rear master cylinder and some Progressive Fork Springs.


Dresda replica swingarm, drilled and skimmed rear disk and a new MCP master cylinder.




NOS Magura Power Levers.



Drilled and thinned disks.




The Build, Part 5 (Summer 2015)

The Dunstall Honda got a Hurst Airheart rear drum to disk brake conversion this summer.  The kit was available for a short time in the mid 1970s.  I based my conversion off the original kit and used the Hurst Airheart caliper and master cylinder.



The original Hurst Airheart rear drum to disk brake conversion.

My rear drum to disk brake conversion.

The Ride

Went for a nice Fall ride on the Dunstall.  Possibly the last of 2012.  Lots of sun with brisk temperatures.  In other words the perfect weather for a fast ride up NY Route 5.  While not the curviest of roads, Route 5 offers fast 55 mph 4 lane blacktop with a nice mix of woods, stores, plazas, and neighborhoods all along the shores of Lake Erie.  I stopped for a few pics at Hamburg beach.


The Build, part 4 (June 2012)

Minor updates for 2012: Replaced the real Dunstall Decibel silencers with British made replicas from Brituro.  The new silencers aren’t exact replicas but they sound and look great.  

The Article

Nolan Woodbury has written the definative article on Paul Dunstall and the evolution of the Dunstall machine from the Norton Dominator to the Suzuki GS1000.   Dunstall was always ahead of the curve by producing race inspired motorcycles for the track or street.  The Dunstall Honda marked a shift from British twins to Japanese inline 4s that would ultimately result in the Dunstall GS1000 better known as the fastest production motorcycle of 1979. 

Visit Nolan’s site Vintage Motorcycles Online http://www.vintagemotorcyclesonline.com 

Here is the link to the article http://www.vintagemotorcyclesonline.com/features/stories/222-production-specials-part-ii

The Dunstall Honda


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